Well, I plan on this being where I keep everyone updated on coupons and/or discounts I have out.
I will have anywhere from seasonal coupons to promotional coupons for my lovely buyers.
I hope you enjoy a discount here or there. I sure do!

Buy three images, get two free!

Simple as that!

I want to really show everyone that I am here for the art of the craft,
not just some quick money.
Plus, at least in this case, whats good for the goose is good for the gander.
You ladies receive two images free, so we get to share our
lovely creations together!

Oh, right!
Coupon code.

This offer is good until October 8th.

As I have announced before, there is a coupon that will stand tell the twenty-third at midnight.
 You must spend at least $15.00 to qualify for the discount.
$15.00 @ 15% Off
$25.00 @ 25% Off
$35.00 @ 35% Off
Coupon Code: VBlaunch

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