Terms Of Use

I want to assure customers that when they are buying an image they are not buying the physical image itself. When you purchase a digital image from VannaBea Creations, it is just that, a Digital Image. These are meant for personal use and are not to be given away, traded or shared. You are not buying the image, just paying for the right to use it for your own personal use. This is how many artists make money, so in that, if you shared or gave away one of my images it would be “stealing”. I would lose out on potential income.

VannaBea’s Terms of Use for digital images

  • All images produced by VannaBea Creations are hand drawn by Savannah LaDuke and all rights are reserved. Any and all images remain property of VannaBea Creations after purchase.   
  • The image purchased by the customer is to only be used by this ONE person. Please do not share, distribute or advertise in banners or websites without proper permissions (This is stealing). (Note: It must be incorporated as part of your craft when advertised.)
  • You may color these images digitally or physically. However the image may NOT be altered.
  •  Images may be priced differently due to time and/or work spent on it and is NOT up for negotiation.
  •  I require that credit is given to VannaBea Creations, via Blog, card, or whichever creation it is used for. (It does NOT have to be on the craft itself, but credit must be given in blog, via website or while advertising product.)
  •  Images may not be sold as a digital file, print out or at craft shows, swap meets or anything of the sort. (The Image must be incorporated as part of your craft, Not sold by itself.)
  •  I will gladly give permissions for these images to be turned into stamps for a fee.
  •  These digital images are not to be used or sold in small or large professional businesses, I do not have the means to provide proper rights for reproduction and I would like to keep these images as mine.
  • Permission must be asked for rights to use these images in embroideries.
If I have left any information out, you must ask before proceeding.


You are not purchasing a Copyright! All merchandise remains property of VannaBea Creations! These images are not to be shared, distributed or used for advertising without permission.


Due to the fact that these are digital file transfers, there will be no refunds. If a file is corrupt you must take a screenshot of said image on your desktop/laptop and email me the image asking for a replacement.

Discounts/ Coupons

VannaBea Creations reserves the right to alter any discounts at any time without notice. These discounts are for customer appreciation and will only last the allotted time. I give discounts to show my love for my customers and my excitement for my work, not to be abused by those that don’t want to pay full price.


VannaBea Creations reserves the right to alter this agreement at any point in time, Notice will be given via email to past and present customers. This will then apply to any and all past, present, and future purchases.

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